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Poetry, and more

Political Waste-Hole
For That Great Being

My love of poetry was formed Vicariously at the age of 6, when all I had to do was rummage through the assorted books of my basement, and in all of this rummage, I found a poetry book. As I opened up the dusty cover I marveled at the incredible rhymes, and repeated them playfully to myself. Then when my sister started writing poetry in 4th grade I became amazed, stunned, intrigued and OBSESSED with her beatiful writing, and to tell you the truth, became sort of jealous, so in 2nd grade I took my shot at writing something, and personally, I thought it was terrible. I slowly but steadilly grew in greatness at poetry, my first real star was in 3rd grade when I produced a poem about the soldiers of the Iraq war, that actually caused a student in our class to cry (I still laugh about that sometimes). But as I approached the fourth grade my "gift" was being nurtured, and especially in Fifth grade it bloomed, with the great help of my teacher Ms. Senetra who without my poems would be mush. My love of poetry often times was only kept within the walls of my room, because often times it was of personal matters, like would you want to share poetry with your friends about the person who you like? and that was when I truly started writing it started with my poems like: Elder Tree, and shattering dreams, but It kept growing to something greater, and more elegant.

Please share with me your love for poetry, photography, and more, or just e-mail me aobut what you want me to improve at:

Photography is my way of art, I have never in my Life been able to draw, sketch, paint, sculpture, or anything else except for photography, in fact I do it rather well at it, and I am always running around everywhere that I go with a camera. I love to take photos, from flowers, to mountains, to the caves of bats, I always have a camera in hand.


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