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Political Waste-Hole

Political Waste-Hole
For That Great Being

Political Waste-Hole

Political Waste-hole

Why did they want us,
To fall to eternal flame,
That endless suck of political life,
And all gave in to it,
Securing hold,
On humanity

No one could see through that tissue of lies,
The fact,
To the false,
For he shows neither,
only give us a reality of uselessness,
a sickness of the tongue,
giving man and woman,
no difference,
and no freedom

For him,
Only one mans speech matters,
But for that,
He has lost his heart,
In this reality
Of a dictatorship,
For only one man rules,
Over a socially dead republic,

Until they face,
The fact,
over the false,
learning only one will rule,
in a political wasteland,
for only a dead mans tale,
faces the storm,
one that sucks in all,
like a new mind,

for only freedom can break the curse,
and freedom,
will only end at the stop of this madman,
driving this train of dictatorship ever closer,
for this only ends when this political waste-hole,
and this man are stopped
-The Ant Maid

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