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Here are the flawless stat-sets for the Pure Combat warrior with magic support,Combat-Stealth Warrior-Ambusher, Pure Mage, Pure War Wizard, Stealth-mage-fighter, Pure Stealth-thief, and Mage-combat-stealth.

Pure Combat Warrior with Magic Suport
Race: Orc
Custom class: Orc Warrior
Specialization: Combat
Class Attributes: Strength, Endurance
Birthsign: Warrior
Major Skills: Blunt, Heavy Armor, Block, Armorer, Blade, Restoration, and Alchemy.


Combat-Stealth Warrior-Ambusher
Race: Male-Nord
Custom Class: Skirmisher
Specialization: Combat
Class Attribues: Endurance, and Agility
Birthsign: Thief
Major Skills: Block, Armorer, Heavy Armor, Blade, Marksman, Sneak, and Light Armor.


Pure Mage
Race: Male Breton
Custom Class: Wizard
Specialization: Mage
Class Attributes: Intelligence, and Willpower
Major Skills: Alchemy, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Mysticism, and Restoration.


Pure War Wizard
Race: Male High Elf
Custom Class: Blade Mage
Specialization: Mage
Class Attributes: Intelligence, and Willpower
Birthsign: Lady
Major skills: Alchemy, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Mysticism, and Blade.


Race: Male Wood Elf
Custom Class: Bushwacker
Specialization; Stealth
Class Atrributes: Agility, and Speed.
Birthsign: Thief
Major Skills: Marksman, Sneak, Light Armor, Alchemy, Illusion, Conjuration, Blade.


Pure Stealh Thief
Race: Female Khajiit
Custom Class: Lootgrabber
Specialization: Stealth
Class Attributes: Agility, and Speed
Birthsign: Shadow
Major skills: Marksman, Sneak, Security, Light Armor, Mercantile, Speechcraft, and Illusion.


Race: Dark Elf
Specialization: Mage
Class Attributes: Agility, Intelligence
Birthsign: Apprentice
Major Skills: Destruction, Conjuration, Illusion, Marksman, Sneak, Blade, Light Armor

These are absolute Flawless characther sets... choose wisely when you begin and as you're about to leave the sewer in the beginning of the game...SAVE... and never delete it so if you ever want to make a new characther... you dont have to go through all the tutorial again...