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High Elf & Nord Stats
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I Bet I Could Beat YOU at OBLIVION!!! Bring It!

Wondering how to make that perfect character.. here are some examples of perfect formulas for specific playing styles...

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Here are the best two armors of the game Daedric the heavy armor... which is harder to manuever in, but on the other hand has much more durability... Then theres Glass armor, which is lighter, more manuverable, light, but sadly, is not as durable, but is good for sneakers, marksman, and wizards.


There are 10 races in oblivion as follows:High Elves, Orcs, Bretons, Imperials, Redguards, Nords, DarkElves, Wood Elves, Argonians,Khajits

Breton & Wood Elf Stats Page

Dark Elf & RedGuard Stats Page

Argonian & Orc Stats Page

High Elf & Nord stats

Imperial & Khajiit stats



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