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The idea of Daedric quests are to give he player great challenges at a level where you have to do it a specific way to beat the quest. In the end you will get some of the best weapons, and armor to face the rest of the game with... The first quest Shegorath is available at level 2 while you must have beated every other daedreic quest, and be above level 20 to do the Hermaeus Mora quest...

The Azura quest is probabally the easiest daedric quest with a level requirement of only 2 and a reward of a completely reuseable Grand Soul Gem. The easiest way to find this shrine is to read Modern Heretics, it is also one of the most common starter daedric quest for many players, one of the reasons is because this is the easiest for the Blood of the divines part of the main quest.
This is a extremely easy quest as well with only a level 2 requirement, but on the other hand, no one tells you where to find it... The Shegorath shrine is close to the border of Elsweyr and about half-way between Bravil and Leyawin. The quest reward is a "special" staff called the "Wabajack". The wabajack staff can turn anything into anything else, though the risk with this is thatif you're versing a imp (which sucks) and you're messing around and use it it might turn into a Xivali (lvl. 20 or higher) and yet, it could work reverse as well so next time you're in a battle, think "would you rather be versing a sewer rat or a Xivali"

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