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Personal Info
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My Favorite Music is Rap/Hip-Hop music and I love Eminem, 2pac, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Black Eyed Peas, G-unit, Dem Franchize Boyz, D12, Mobb Depp, and many, many more... I love Rap because it is influential, has an awesome beat, and expresses exactly what is being fealt by the rapper. My favorite sport is BASKETBALL!!!! it rocks... no sport can beat it... GO NETS!! sorry... i like many teams: Bulls, Nets, Heat, Cavaliers many, many teams, and also  CHICAGOS WNBA TEAM: SKY!!!... my favorite game (as you could guess) is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion... It rocks.. ... It is a great game.. I reccomend you play it. On my file, I have all enchanted armor, plus a set of Ebony Armor,all enchanted weapons, am level 19, have 3 houses in the game, 2 horses in the game, am the Grand-Champion in the arena, Listener in The Dark Brotherhood, and have gotten many ther cool ccomplishments such as getting 26,000 gold. I got Braces on June 13, 2006..... though hopefully will get them off soon... My Best friends are:Tate, Alex k., Alex A., Arjun, and ryan... all of them rock but I will give you bios of each... Tate, is awesome, and has always been there for me, she is a tom-boy... and is definitely hard-core! She also likes rap, basketball, and all that jazz.. we have very much in common... We are great friends.. and hopefully that will always be true... Alex K.... wow... hes.. to put it easily.. special (lol alex) HE ROX MY SOCKS!!! the way i met him was I had just moved in and was cleaning my garage... when all of a sudden he runs over to my house and hides behind my dads car with a plastic gun, looks at me and says "Im gonna hide here until the heats off," then points to his dad pulling his brother around on a skateboard by a go-kart. (funny story eventually his brother fell off and scraped, scarred, and cut himself pretty badly...) Then he looked at me and said: "by the way... Who are you?" hes pretty fun.. and quite violent... Next is Alex A... cOmPlEtElY different from Alex k.... He is much less violent... but still as much fun... he loves basketball, soccer, baseball, football, every sport you can name. He loves Tigers and is very funny... Then is Arjun... wow.. have I been through a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT with him... we were born in the same hospital and met as little boys (though neither of us remember it) We met again in 2nd grade and have stayed close friends almost all the time since then... He rocks... plays runescape... and is just AWESOME.... Then theres Ryan... hes very..very..very funny.. OMG he could make you laugh even if you were crying so hard you were swimming in them... hes a great friend, but im very sad to say hes leaving my school... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING MY FRIEND RYAN!!! and finally... theres me.. I am Living in Illinois at the moment... I love it here...

This is me


This is me and some people from school....